Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bigger Breasts - Exercises to Enhance the Size of Your Breasts

There are so many women in the world today that are not happy with the size of their breasts. There are some that would like a reduction but there are many more who would like to have bigger breasts. Having bigger breasts would mean a lot to these ladies as many of them feel unattractive and lack in confidence due to the size of their boobs. Unfortunately many of these ladies simply do not want to have breast augmentation surgery, either because they do not want to traumatise their body by having an operation, or simply can not afford the money it would cost.
One method to get naturally bigger boobs is through exercise. Although a breast is made up of fatty tissues and milk glands it is still possible to make it bigger with some simple exercises. What you will actually be exercising is the pectoral muscle situated behind the breast. Working this muscle will push your breasts up and out and make them bigger. There are quite a few effective exercises to achieve the results you want so I thought I would highlight my favourite and most effective ones.
1. Press-ups are really effective when searching for an exercise to increase breast size. This helps to keep the chest muscles nicely toned. To perform a push up correctly you should place your hands and knees on the floor and keep your hands level with your breasts. Keeping your back straight as you do this you should lower yourself gradually towards the floor and then push-up. Repeat this exercise another 10 - 15 times.
2. The vertical press up is also extremely effective and simple to do. Facing a wall ensure that you are an arm's length away. Now placing your hands on the wall and keeping your elbows straight you should try and push the wall away from you. Hold this position for about ten seconds and then relax for ten seconds. You should aim to repeat this exercise between ten and twenty times every day.
3. A nice simple exercise is doing arm swings. To do this effectively you should stand up straight and swing your right arm in a clockwise direction for approximately ten seconds. The rest this arm and repeat the exercise with your other arm. Once you have completed this repeat the exercise but this time move your arms in a counter clockwise direction.
Performing these exercises will help to give you bigger breasts as long as you remain committed to them. You will not see any results if you go about them half heartedly.


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