Sunday, 10 July 2011

Learn About Natural Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis can be a very irritating condition that causes itchiness and occasionally pain within the vagina. It is created when there is too much normal bacteria, and the symptoms will depend highly on its progression. Most women will experience an increase in discharge which has a decided smell, and it is highly important to seek out either traditional or natural treatments for bacterial vaginosis.
For many women this is something which occurs several times per year and is transmittable. Although it is not something which is physically debilitating, the odor which emanates will often lead to a lack of intimacy and potentially other problems. While it is typically a minor and easily treatable condition, it can have devastating psychological effects.
It is essential to be diagnosed as quickly as possible should the symptoms occur and before beginning treatments. Many people will diagnose it incorrectly, for example they may think it's a yeast infection and begin treating it incorrectly. This is also something which happens frequently with women who are pregnant, and any changes in discharge should be reported to your physician.
There are various home remedies which are available and these are typically designed for restoring normal balance of good bacteria, and the prevailing and most commonly used technique is douching along with using certain natural tree oil suppositories. Some people are finding that these are very effective methods although the sufferer should always be sure that these substances will not be something in which will cause an allergic reaction.
Many patients will also go in for more traditional treatments and these usually consist of antibiotic remedies which will come in the form of pills or a gel. The antibiotics are usually very effective but could come with some minor side effects that are unpleasant. Even after being treated successfully more than half of women will experience recurrent symptoms within a year. This would require getting more antibiotics.
Although this problem does not pose any life-threatening hazard, it can certainly be very embarrassing. However, for those who are sexually active it can greatly increase the probabilities of contracting other transmittable diseases. The primary reason for this is that if there is an imbalance of good and bad bacteria it will lower the immune systems defenses substantially.


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