Sunday, 10 July 2011

Can I Lose Weight Through Cardiovascular Exercise?

Cardiovascular exercise does play prominent part in losing weight. It is really just one part of a three tier program that helps in dropping weight. Diet and strength training also play a big importance in our quest to drop a few pounds and get healthier. Regular cardiovascular exercise for instance improves your fitness by allowing our heart to get stronger which in turn makes it work more efficiently. A stronger heart also helps in the flushing out of toxins our bodies have either created or, from foods that we have consumed. By flushing out these toxins this in turns allows our bodies to run cleaner and promotes weight loss as well.
Cardiovascular exercise also helps to distribute oxygen throughout our bodies keeping our muscles stronger by building up stamina and allowing them to work harder and longer. It is a known fact today in the fitness world that bigger, stronger muscles built through strength and aerobic training combined, will burn more calories and increase your metabolism. A faster metabolism equates to burning calories constantly which helps in the war against fat and weight loss.
Cardiovascular exercise can be completed in many forms. Walking, swimming, and hiking for instance is just several that is considered aerobic. To get the most out of aerobic exercise and conditioning however, it should involve your legs such as running, or cycling. It is important to burn more calories to get the weight off, you should use aerobic exercise that is involving large muscle groups such as the legs and hips.
Getting your heart rate up is important for the exercise to be effective. During cardiovascular exercise your heart rate should be between sixty-five and eighty-five percent of your maximum heart rate. That is determined by subtracting 220 from your age. That number will tell you what your maximum heart rate is and important to determine how hard you can push yourself. Then multiply.65 by your maximum heart rate and that is the lowest number you should be working at, to get the higher number take.85 then multiply that by your maximum heart rate.
For instance a 54 year old male or female would take 220-54=166. Take 166x.65 that gets you 107.9. Or take 220-54=166, take 166x.85 and that gets you 141.1. these are the number of beats per minute you should be working at during exercise to make your weight loss efforts productive.
Start out three to five times a week if you can to make your fat fighting efforts effective. Starting somewhere is the key however. Be sure if you have a medical condition or injury that you consult your doctor before diving into a cardiovascular routine.


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