Sunday, 10 July 2011

Human Growth Hormone Supplements Review

There is an increasing trend to use human growth hormone supplements to support efforts to slow the aging process, because it has been proven that the aging process directly links to reductions that take place in HGH levels as people age.
GenF20 Plus Triple Advantage System
The GenF20 Plus Triple Advantage System is two products (an enteric coated tablet and an oral spray) that work in conjunction to act as one of the most powerful HGH releasers available. An HGH releaser is a substance that stimulates the pituitary gland to produce greater levels of the body's own HGH. The Triple Advantage System is taken twice a day (two tablets and three sprays in each dose) to provide the system with the maximum amount of HGH releaser.
The manufacturers have reported the following benefits, as results of clinical trials:
• Increased cognitive function
• Enhances results from strength training programs
• Improves both fat-burning and fat-removal functions, assisting weight loss/weight control
• Increases secretion of HGH by the Anterior Pituitary Gland
AgeForce Extra Strength Patch
The AgeForce Extra Strength Patch delivers its dose of homeopathic human growth hormone (up to 400% more than competing patches) trans-dermally, via a simple patch that is applied to the inner arm or lower abdomen, usually at bedtime, and left alone for four to six hours, or until one awakens the next day.
Some of the benefits that the manufacturers have reported as resulting from clinical trials are:
• Better energy and endurance
• Improved hair growth and natural color retention
• Improvements to the collagen underlying the skin, with concurrent improvements in elasticity, firmness, and texture
• Increased fat-burning abilities, including that of deep abdominal fat
AgeForce Triple Potency Oral Spray
Age Force Triple Potency Oral Spray delivers 5 times the amount of HGH releaser as competing products, in an easy-to-use spray form. Just spray it under the tongue twice, three times a day, to receive the maximum benefits.
Benefits that the manufacturer has reported as resulting from clinical trials include:
• Weight Loss without strict dieting
• Deeper, more restful sleep
• Normalization of blood pressure levels
• Improvements to skin texture, elasticity, and firmness
• Moderation of peri-menopause and menopause symptoms
• Enhanced libido
GenFX is a powerful HGH releaser in tablet form. Produced only in GMP certified labs to ensure quality and consistency, it is highly rated by consumers for several reasons, one of which is a dedicated team of customer service and support representatives. These representatives will help a customer determine the appropriate dosage, generally one pill per day, and will also be able to help with diet and exercise plans and advice, to ensure that each customer will achieve optimum results.
According to the manufacturer, clinical trials of GenFX have revealed the following benefits:
• Increased levels of energy
• Stronger hair, nails, and bones
• Improved cardiovascular function
• Elevated mood
• Improved sleep
• Enhanced eyesight (including night vision)
• Improvements to immune system


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