Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Golden Rules for Healthy Life

If we are to have a healthy body, it is necessary to provide it with everything it needs. The way we live and how we think about ourselves is also an important aspect of our wellbeing. The Golden Rules for Healthy Life are a guideline for a well life. 
  1. Be moderate.( Do not eat too much. )
  2. Do not skip breakfasts.
  3. Never go out with an empty stomach.
  4. Eat diverse and good quality foods.
  5. Always compensate for lost fluid.
  6. Respect the night's rest.
  7. You ought to be active.
  8. Expose yourself to daylight and fresh air.
  9. Cultivate the spirit of optimism and goodwill.
Why each of these rules is important? 
  1. Moderation means that we behave in a way not expose our bodies to extreme challenges, especially not for a long time. For example, we should try to avoid many harmful substances that we consume in our everyday lives, such as (coffee, alcohol, tobacco, preservatives, flavor enhancers). Undoubtedly, it is useful to drink a glass of wine after a good meal, or eat a piece of chocolate when you are depressed, but no more than that.
  2. People who skip breakfast have more problems with body weight, because it disturbs natural rhythm of their metabolism.
  3. When we are hungry we are tempted to eat something. If we persevere, we will return home even hungrier and eat uncontrollably all that comes to our hand. So it's good to always have some fresh fruits and vegetables at home.
  4. The quality of food and beverages that we intake dictates the quality of our health. For example, fibers pure the body from harmful substances; certain foods stimulate metabolism; carbohydrates are the first source of energy for muscles, and proteins as their main structural material are the most valuable source of energy. As we age our body loses calcium, bones become weak, and it is very important to take enough calcium while we are still young.
  5. Disturbance of fluid balance is one of the key reasons for the occurrence of some diseases. Daily, our body may lose about 10 glasses of fluid even when we do nothing. We have to catch up with this loss and the best way to do this is to consume fresh water.
  6. The only time our body is being renewed is when we are asleep. We need to have enough hours of sleep in order to benefit from it. Sleep fine and live long.
  7. Regular exercise reduces the risk of a severe disease. Studies say that four hours of exercise per week reduces the incidence of breast cancer by 66.6%. Walking is good for the heart and lungs and it also improves brain function by boosting its oxygen supply.
  8. Sunlight is the source of every life. It helps our vital organs to be strong and function properly. With fresh air, we breathe in the power of nature and oxygen that is necessary in the process of burning calories, making our bodily functions optimal.
  9. Most of us would want to live the same way, and eat the same food as before, and to use a pill that would magically solve their problems. However, the solution is within us. If our mind is focused on good things, then we do good things. By identifying ourselves with a successful team, we may develop the competitive spirit. The quality of our life proves to be better when there is greater harmony in our family and when we have friends. The best way to get rid of stress is to live in a simple and relaxing way.
Why is it important to apply this set of golden rules?
Drugs help the body to defeat health problems, but drugs do not cure the causes. The cause of the disease is not in the absence of drugs, but however in violation of the healthy life rules. If we are to enjoy in a healthy life, we must fight on our own by The Golden Rules for Healthy Life, which we will respect to the maximum.


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