Sunday, 10 July 2011

There's A Good Reason Why Your Yeast Infection Keeps Coming Back

When your yeast infection keeps coming back it's not something that can be ignored. For one, you have uncomfortable symptoms that require constant treatment. And two, you have fungus feeding on your body, and if it doesn't get eliminated from your body it will soon destroy your good health. That is the last thing you need to happen especially when you're suffering from an infection that can be relatively easy to cure.
The first thing you must understand is how your body has fungus feeding in it in the first place. Just killing it is not working as you've already realized, and knowing why this method of treatment is not working is going to lead you to a successful cure. These anti fungal drugs you're using are killing the fungus every time you use them. They never fail to do this, and most women seem to believe that they need to use more of the same treatment, or use something stronger.
If you're in the position where the yeast and fungus are now resistant to the anti fungal cream or pill you're using then you will need something stronger. That is providing you intend on using these kinds of treatments to alleviate your symptoms while you take your time in learning how to cure your infection for good.
The drug companies love women that struggle to cure their infections for the simple reason they keep on coming back for more anti fungal drugs. And it's even better for them as they know women will keep coming back for more because they believe this is the only way they can alleviate their symptoms.
To successfully cure your yeast infection that keeps on coming back you need to start treating it from the root cause. If you stay in the cycle of using anti fungal creams and pills then you'll stay in that cycle for the rest of your life. And to make things worse the fungus will just keep on getting more aggressive, and just get resistant to all the medication you're using.
The fungus is in your body for a reason, and that reason is the fact that you have Candida yeast in your body that is mutating into fungus all the time. Your body is allowing this to happen because it can no longer control this organism. And what makes yeast infections so common is, the Candida enters your body on a daily basis. When you eat you swallow Candida with your food.
This is more common in people who eat things like cakes that have been in the open air all day in shops. The sugar on the cakes attracts all types of organisms that are growing on the food all the time. If you leave a can of fizzy drink open on your desk then that will have fungus slowly growing on it all day. And then you swallow it with every sip. You have to avoid these types of foods and many other foods that will increase the rate in which Candida enters your body and starts feeding.
So in order for you to cure your recurrent infections you need to strengthen your body's natural defenses. Once you do this then the Candida that you swallow will no longer be able to mutate into fungus. While you're strengthening your body's natural defenses you need to cleanse your body of yeast and fungus. Once you get these two thing right you'll be free of your infections. And you'll also have the knowledge to keep this type of infection away for good.


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